GeoBlocs team.

The team behind Geoblocs is a network of individuals, institutions, companies, non profits and indigenous groups all with a passion to find ways to regenerate our biosphere. Because it is structured this way there are low overheads making it possible to use the funds to the greatest benefit as each part of the network is only being rewarded for work being carried out by them at that time. The entire platform is run on the same principal from the IT people to the people doing the work on the ground. Geoblocs is administered by GEIA who, like all other stakeholders works on a commission basis.



The Geoblocs system aims to be completely transparent at every step of the process ensuring that the maximum benefit is achieved and that all stakeholders adhere to the methodology.


Pioneering technology to calculate, monitor and evaluate every project down to the m². 


In the coming boom of biosphere reclamation, GEIA stands against the monoculture model of carbon sinks and corporate land banks. Our projects support people and the land, addressing all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in harmony.