GeoBlocs Token

We use BSC blockchain and cutting edge digital technologies and multi-stakeholder collaborations to help increase planetary resilience.

Funds raised through GeoBlocs Tokens support the restoration of lands, GeoBlocs will create innovative solutions that will assist in the regeneration of our biosphere.

The funds raised by the sale of GeoBlocs tokens will lead to innovative solutions to climate threats and preserve and increase forest heritage with the help of blockchain technology.

Each projects tokens are unique to that project and are embedded with all the information about it, each token represents 1 m² of land.

each project is different, so the individual cost of a bloc

is representative of its portion, but the average is 1 euro per bloc.

This breaks down as so 60% goes directly to the regeneration effort 20% goes to monitoring and verification 10-15% goes to GEIA for admin,

NFT minting and platform upkeep once we reach scale, we will hopefully be able to reduce this.

the remaining 5-10% is used to build nurseries in the communities which will be community owned and run creating employment and increasing the regen capacity. These will also be represented on the NFT giving credit to the funders.